Anna Balci 

 Tenure-track assistant professor at  Charles University in Prague  at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Principal investigator of the CRC 1283: Taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity in analysis, stochastics and their applications  at the University Bielefeld and  PI PRIMUS project  at Charles University.

Calculus of variations, analysis and numerical analysis  for (non)linear models.

My research is available here:  Orcid ID: 0000-0002-8138-9067 Arxiv ID

Married and mother of  one daughter, Mira


I will give a short presentation at the  Geometric And Variational Analysis  conference In memory of Jan Malý 9th June-15th June 2024, Będlewo

Our paper with  Mikhail Surnachev  from Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics on The Lavrentiev phenomenon in calculus of variations with differential forms  has been published in  Calculus of variations and partial differential equations

Our paper with Abner Salgado and Lars Diening on Numerical approximation of variational problems with orthotropic growth was accepted to publication to the Numerische Mathematik

Our paper with Alex Kaltenbach  from TU Berlin  on Error analysis for a Crouzeix-Raviart approximation of the variable exponent Dirichlet problem  was accepted to publication to The IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (IMAJNA)

I join the MathMAC University center for mathematical modeling, applied analysis and computational mathematics in Charles University in Prague as an junior member. 

The  Project PRIMUS  qualitative and quantitative analysis of nonlinear models  starts on 1 January 2024. I am happy to announce postdoc position  and 2 PhD positions at  Charles University in Prague. Please contact me for the details.


''Lavrentiev's phenomenon, approximation, and regularity''

University of Warsaw

We organise 

Numerical Analysis Workshop in Bielefeld

15th November - 17th November 2023


ICIAM 2023 Tokyo – The 10th ICIAM in Tokyo, Japan  

Nonlinear and nonlocal models: analysis and numerics 


Get in touch at akhripun at math.uni-bielefeld dot de